Sewing tips : attaching the PDF pattern

Craftine sewing patterns are available as a PDF.

They have the advantage of being available right away and allow you to cut the pattern pieces to your own size.

Furthermore, with some tips and advice, PDF patterns can be put together very quickly, in 20 minutes maximum. We have made you a photographic step by step guide to help.

Follow this little guide to learn how to save time.

Supplies you will need

  • A printed out Craftine pattern
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive tape

The step by step guide

  1. Print the pattern and get your scissors and adhesive tape ready (picture 1).
  2. Look for the instructions leaflet page which shows you how to lay out the pieces and make a pile of the pages for each row. For example, for a pattern with 6 sheets of paper per row, put together the sheets from 1 to 6, from 7 to 12, from 13 to 18… (picture 2).
  3. Take the first pile and cut out along the right-hand border of each sheet, except for the last one – in our example this will be page 6 for the first row (picture 3), page 12 for the second row and page 18 for the third row.
  4. Then attach this first row of sheets together with the adhesive tape, matching borders (picture 4). To gain even more time, cut several pieces of adhesive tape in advance, and stick one end to the edge of the table so you have them to hand. Once you have assembled your first row, (picture 5) follow the same process for the other piles of paper (picture 6).
  5. Take the first row of paper and cut off the bottom border (picture 7). Do the same thing for the other rows except for the last one (picture 8).
  6. Stick the rows together with the adhesive tape, matching upper and lower borders (picture 9).

Your pattern is now ready to be cut out to your own size.

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