New to Craftine Box : 2 patterns with your box

As we announced last month, from now on, your Craftine box contains something new and not to be missed !
Craftine Box is a team of passionate people who want to share their passion for sewing and, more than anything, to take care of our subscribers. That’s why we listen attentively to your feedback and do everything possible to improve and meet your expectations.

The community of Craftine subscribers has grown enormously and its members are dressmakers with different levels of experience, different desires and different tastes. We are thrilled about this and we would like, above all, to please all of you.

That’s why we decided that, starting with our June box, we will include not just one design idea to make with the box contents but 2 !

We conceived this box in partnership with 2 designers who, from now on, will each design an outfit to create with the contents of the box.



The designs will be completely different. It’s up to you whether you opt to follow one of our two suggestions or to go ahead and make something else entirely. Above all the Craftine Box is there to let you express your creativity, to give you inspiration but not to restrict you. Beginners will like to be guided but nothing need stop you from making our patterns your own way, by modifying them, tweaking them and giving them your own twist !

You amaze us with every box with your great creativity, with the gallery of garments all so different from each other. It’s a joy to see you immersing yourselves in your sewing, each in your own way, at your own rhythm and according to your own tastes.


From now on, for the same price, you will therefore have 2 patterns (pdf format or paper format if you selected this option).

We hope that this news delights you as much as we are delighted to show you this new box

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We can’t wait to read your reactions!

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