Let’s sew together : the buckle belt tutorial

To fasten and to add a woman’s touch to a vest, a jacket, an oversize sweatshirt, the buckle belt will become your favorite accessory.
It will be perfect to increase the style of a pair of pants or jeans. It will add a touch of chic and refinement.
The buckle best is a must-have to underline the waist and is suitable to every morphology.

You can create it with a colored fabric to add a touch of fun or, if you prefer, with a more neutral fabric to fit your outfit perfectly.

The supplies you will need :

  • fabric : an offcut of 3,93 x 26,77 in
  • belt buckle of 1.57 in : 1

the step by step tutorial

  1. Cut the offcut you need (picture 1). Check the length of the belt on yourself  and cut to the proper length if needed.
  2. Fold it in two, the right sides together and pin (picture 2).
  3. Stitch the three sides at 0.39 in from the edge, and let an opening of 1.97 in. Then, turn the belt on the right side (picture 3).
  4. Iron well and close the gap with a discreet stitch.
  5. Insert the belt in the buckle (picture 4).
  6. Refold the belt on the back side on 1,38 in (picture 5)  and hold up with a pintuck stitch on all the width (picture 6).

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