Let’s sew together : Sparkly brooch tutorial

Let’s sew together : Sparkly brooch tutorial

This winter our snuggly jumpers and our blouses are decorated with little sparkly brooches to make our outfits shine…! Unmissable accessory of the season, the brooch can act like a piece of jewellery to make your outfit stand out. Here is an easy step by step tutorial to make your own sparkly brooches to brighten your winter wardrobe !

You will need :

How to make it step by step

1 – Using a hot iron (without steam), attach the Vlieseline to the wrong side of the stretch lurex (photo 1) as follows : Press the Vlieseline (shiny side against the fabric) and hold for around 4 seconds without sliding the iron around. Repeat as many times as necessary, especially around the edges, letting the fabric cool slightly between each press. Leave flat to cool for a few minutes to get the Vlieseline to stick completely.

2 – After having downloaded and printed the sheet of templates, cut around the outline of the brooches and spread them over the Vilene (photos 2 and 3).
Using a biro, draw round the outline of the brooch templates (photo 4).

3 – Carefully cut out the brooch shapes using small pointed scissors (photo 5).

4 – Using a double thread, sew a safety pin to the back of each of the brooches, making little stitches along the fixed bar of the pin (photos 7 and 8). You can open up the safety pin before you start to make sure that you are sewing the fixed bar !

5 – Tadaa, now you’re ready to make your most serious outfits sparkle !

A Craftine tip : DIY tassel on the Cloud brooch

How to make it step by step

1 – Wind your thread several times around two of your fingers until you get the desired thickness of tassel (photo 1)

2 – Slip a long length of thread (quite a long one as you’ll need it to attach the tassel later) through the centre of the loop of threads you have made (photo 2) and tie the threads together with a double knot (photo 3) leaving long ends.

3 – Cut through the opposite side of the threads from your knot and cut the threads level (photo 4). Wrap a long length of thread several times round the tassel just below the knot. Tie two knots to secure it (photo 5).

4 – Thread your needle with the length of thread that you left at step 2 and make small stitches to attach the tassel to the Cloud brooch (photo 6).

5 – And there you have your finished Cloud brooch !! Of course you could make as many tassels as you like to attach to other brooch shapes ! We can’t wait to see what you make !!!!

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