Let’s sew together : Embroidered straw bag tutorial

The straw bag is the unmissable trend for summer 2018. You can see it everywhere on the DIY and fashion blogosphere.

No more dull, basic straw bags; customise them with embroidery, paint, sequins or fabric for a WOW effect…

The customised straw bag is on a roll. It is feminine and gives a trendy look which will go with all your outfits. It will be perfect worn with a chic outfit, with jeans or a boho dress. It will go brilliantly with the 2 outfits suggested by our stylists with the contents of the summer box.

Here is the tutorial to decorate your own straw bag with tassels.

Supplies you will need :

  • Straw bag : 1
  • Embroidery Cotton thread : 1
  • Embroidery needle : 1
  • Cotton jersey scraps

The step by step tutorial

  1. With the help of a ruler pin a large zigzag shape on the front of the bag (photo 1).
  2. Thread an embroidery needle with a double strand of the embroidery cotton and stitch along the pinned line (photo 2).
  3. Make 3 tassels. To do this wrap the thread several times around your fingers (photo 3). Then insert a double strand length of thread through the looped threads (photo 4) and leave it there. Taking another length of thread bind the looped threads tightly by winding it round several times and finishing with a double knot (photo 5).
  4. Cut the bottom of the looped threads and trim level (photo 6).
  5. Make a double knot in your waiting thread to secure it to the tassel and use the thread to fix the tassels to the bag at the bottom of each zigzag point (photo 7).
  6. Embroider some circles between the zigzags (photo 8).
  7. Cut 3 vertical strips in the cotton jersey (photo 9), they will roll in on themselves. Fix one along the front top edge of the bag with small hidden stitches and fix the 2 others on each side of the bag by knotting them (photo 10).

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