New to Craftine Box : 2 patterns with your box

As we announced last month, from now on, your Craftine box contains something new and not to be missed !
Craftine Box is a team of passionate people who want to share their passion for sewing and, more than anything, to take care of our subscribers. That’s why we listen attentively to your feedback and do everything possible to improve and meet your expectations.

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Craftine Box : the April Box has arrived

Here is your spruce and fashionable April Craftine Box in time for springtime.

This new box brings a new softness and freshness to your wardrobe. 50 shades of sweet, pastel colors and tartan, this stylish new box of gracious modernity with a touch of casualness is a must-have for your wardrobe. So chic!

Perfectly made to brighten up the mood during a rainy day and to inspire romantic thoughts. (more…)

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Craftine Box: The box for December has arrived!


All our little elves have been busy preparing this box for you, so they can send it to you in advance this month. If it hasn’t arrived in your mailbox yet, it won’t be much longer.

The December box contains a pretty selection for the end of the year which has everything to mesmerize you. Chic, trendy, and glamorous: a box filled with lovely items and surprises. Quality fabrics and elegant trims; everything is reunited to make sure you have a beautiful look exactly in line with the actual trends of the moment. (more…)

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Craftine Box: The box of August has arrived!

At Craftine, these last few days, it has been pure excitement with the preparation of your boxes! After the huge success which you testified for the box of June, we have been very impatient to present you the new Craftine Box!

We have concocted a very special box for this back to work season after the holidays which follows the trends seen on the podiums on all levels:  colours, print, fabrics, shape…Your return to work will be elegant and fashionable! (more…)

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