About Us

Two lovebirds, Carole and Christophe, are both passionate people.

Carole has been fond all kinds of craft since her childhood. She learnt to sew on her grandmother’s old Singer. She is totally self-taught, having learnt over time through making mistakes, always inventing and reinventing. Creating things gives her a buzz and she fizzes with ideas for new projects.

Christophe has always been mad about IT, especially new web technology. He has masses of ideas and works tirelessly. He loves sharing and making contact with others.

From these twin passions and characters an amazing project was conceived: an online haberdashery. Countless hours, days and months of work went on before Craftine was born to our great delight.

The Craftine Box was launched alongside the haberdashery website in June 2015. The box was soon followed by a very active community of home sewers in France and Belgium. They do not hesitate in sharing their original creations with the group and they help each other out when a beginner needs a piece of advice. 

Since 2018, the Craftine box is available for inhabitants in the UK. Please share with us your creations on our Facebook page !